“Gets so much right you can’t help but root for it…
so darn likable”

— Kristin Tillotson, StarTribune

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“reassures us that life can be just like this – a giddy lark”


Flyway Film Festival laurels

Sound Unseen Laurels 2013

ILFF Laurels

“The film is not only an entertaining teen romp about a bizarre love triangle when best friends Rene and Frankie agree to attend prom together before a shy suitor emerges to invite Frankie to the dance, but also explores the struggles of being gay in high school in a funny and heartfelt way.”

– Eric D. Johnson, Secrets of the City

Death To Prom

Two best friends make the best of going to high school by dreaming up fashion magazine photo shoots, and bribing their siblings to model for them.  René indulges his fantasies and loves designing clothes. Frankie lives for her camera and punk rock. They both fall for Sasha, the shy soccer player with a soft spot for poems by Pushkin. When the three of them are caught between competing invitations to prom, their high-fashion drama could destroy their friendships along with the entire prom.

An updated, locally-shot take on a John Hughes high school romcom, “Death to Prom” is most notable for its three talented leads: Ricardo Vazquez as a gay fashionisto, Hina Khan as his sarcastic bestie and Andrew Keives as the athlete they both lust after. The design of “Prom” is aces, featuring glam costumes by “Project Runway” vet Christopher Straub and eye-popping locations.

Chris Hewitt

MPLS: Friday is Death To Prom Day!

We were just honored with the official paperwork that shows Mayor R. T. Rybak has declared Friday, November 15th, as Death To Prom Day in Minneapolis! It sure is fun to have a cool mayor, isn’t it?

IN Premiere at Indy LGBT Fest

It is quite exciting to announce that Death To Prom will have its Indiana premiere at the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival on November 9th at 12:30pm. Tickets are on sale now for our show and we're honored to be in such good company. The screening will take place at...

MN Premiere at Sound Unseen!

We’re very happy to announce that our local Minnesota premiere will be at the Sound Unseen Film Festival held November 13-17th 2013. Don’t miss the show + party, get your tickets October 18th.

World Premiere at Flyway!

Here we go! Please join us at the 2013 Flyway Film Festival on October 19th for the world premiere of Death To Prom. Tickets are already on sale, buy yours today if you are going to be there.

“Loved it. Lots of color and light, which we need more of in films. Rene was perfectly cast!”

“Lovely John-Hughes-modern. Great homage to Jules et Jim.”

“A wonderful flick. It’s sweet and engaging and full of first-time energy… the direction is loving, the cinematography beautiful, and there are so many enjoyable, engaging parts.”

“Great job! Loved the pink wardrobe. Amazing scene on the water tower. Sasha is also a HOT actor, total eye candy.”

“Cute movie! Really enjoyed the fashion! Great cinematography, locations, art direction and casting!”

“Will charm your socks off”